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Reduce Costs, Provide More Value,
Broader Engagement, Improve ROI
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Are you looking for a more effective way to manage your events?

If so, we can help.

The Clear Vision Productions Virtual Event Platform allows you to reduce event costs and reach a wider audience, while providing sponsors and exhibitors with more value.

We make it easy for attendees to tune in at the convenience of their own schedule, which means broader engagement and improved ROI for you.  


Our platform and services provide quantifiable data that can be used to measure the success of your virtual event, too.

Are you ready to reduce your event cost and increase audience involvement? Get started today!


Get Your Next Event Noticed!
Let Our Experts Market Your Event

Marketing your next virtual event is easier than you think!

We'll help you market your next virtual event so that you can concentrate on the actual planning of your event. Our marketing packages are designed to reach and attract more of your ideal attendees to your event, engage your employees and get them excited to attend your event.

We can provide you with marketing support before, during and after the event with components such as engaging content - social media posts, blog and video content; digital advertising opportunities, e-blasts, SMS texts, polls, surveys and email marketing campaigns. We provide everything needed so that you can spend more time planning for the success of your next event!

Benefits of Going Virtual

Mobile Access

The best event apps have always been designed for the "hands-on" mobile access to all events including buying tickets, digital content, event access, breakout rooms and more.

Improved Tracking

Our real-time analytics tools will track customer demographics, gain insight on user behavior, and create conversion and segmentation analysis reports.

Year-Round Events

Deliver your message year round and increase the return on investment with the ability to host events. In a virtual event, attendees can learn from experts and engage in discussions over live chat.

On-Demand Content

On demand videos are a better alternative for businesses to create useful and rich content that their customers can interact with. With on-demand videos your clients can take as much time as they need to go through a video, play, fast-forward, rewind, or pause.

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